seo techniques

Today I bring you the most important factors in 2019 to position yourself high on Google and dominate the rankings.These SEO factors have recently been revealed by the same Google and other authorities in the industry. Now, let’s see what are the best SEO strategies for 2019. 1. Rankbrain: the third most important positioning factor. […]

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working as a freelancer

Freelancing seems to be a simple activity: you work at home, have a program as you want and you are responsible for your own success. Everything sounds great but in reality, freelancing means much more than that. A career in freelancing involves certain sacrifices and starting a new lifestyle. You need to consider these things […]

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If you’re looking for variability, standardization and sampling distributions chapter notes, then you’re definitely in the right place. These notes are not only for my fellow Bertelsmann Udacity Data Science Scholarship students that maybe are just beginning or simply they want to go through the material once more but for any of you that expressed an interested […]

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