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Best essential oils for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is intolerant to certain chemicals and environmental conditions. It is extremely important that you provide it proper care to avoid spots, redness, inflammation, irritation and to provide the well-needed hydration in order to become softer and pleasant to the touch. If you have a sensitive skin, you should be taken extreme care when applying a new oil, or oil blend, and it is advisable to always perform a skin patch test before use.   1. Chamomile Oil Because it is a natural and safe ingredient with proven results, chamomile has grown in popularity as an ingredient in skin…

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Best essential oils for dry skin

There are very few women who can pride that they don’t face problems with their skin and take care of it with just a moisturizer only. For the rest of us, acne, dry skin, sensitive skin or aging skin are the very real challenges. If you count yourself among them, know that you can have a smooth and clean skin using oils, but only if you choose it according to your skin type. Dry skin lacks radiance and vitality and is prone to premature wrinkles. Therefore, an essential oil needs to moisturize deeply moisturized skin and to maintain the surface….

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The top 5 essential oils for oily skin and acne

5 face oils for flawless skin Vegetable oils are an excellent solution to for having healthy skin, beautiful and full of vitality. The only condition is that the oil to be chosen according to your skin type. If you have oily skin, a moisturizing oil will not likely have the desired effects, if you have dry skin, a dry oil more than likely will not be enough moisturizer. Mixed skin or oily is more demanding and requires vegetable oils that moisturize without stimulating the secretion of sebum, without clogging the pores and doesn’t help the appearance of blackheads. The best…

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