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January 2017

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Amazing free wordpress themes for your blog

First of all free themes are well, FREE. You can simply download the theme you want and start using it. Premium themes can be expensive and if you buy a theme and later decide you don’t want it, or discover that it doesn’t work well with plugins you really need, it can be quite difficult to get your money back. Also, why hire a designer and developer to create a site for you when you can simply download one for free, especially if you are just starting? Yes, it requires a lot of work at first and you might feel…

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Bill Gates: The first trillionaire in the world?

I was going to write a completely different post but then this news just popped up in front of my eyes. Apparently, the Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates could possibly become the first trillionaire in the world and in that moment the entire world stood still for me. I can’t imagine the sane reasons why anybody would gather so much money. Of course, the first thing that would come in almost everyone’s mind is GREED, but Bill Gates is not a greedy guy, right? I mean, he has founded Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, donated money time and time again, his…

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