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Month: March 2017

Want to Boost Your Marketing? You Need Instagram

Want to Boost Your Marketing? You Need Instagram

Since its release in 2006, Instagram has had a massive increase in popularity among social networks, which has created a wealth of opportunities for online business owners. Although there are many other social networks that can help you improve your online presence, Instagram is among […]

Best foundation options if you have dry skin

Best foundation options if you have dry skin

How do I find the best foundations for dry skin? The foundation is the base for a perfect makeup. Chosen according to your skin type and applied correctly, a professional foundation will give the feeling of freshness, naturalness, and beauty. It can be so discreet […]

10 Free Photo Editing Tools for Creating Stunning Visual Content

10 Free Photo Editing Tools for Creating Stunning Visual Content

90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text.
Visual content plays an important role in content marketing, and the images are a big part of it.

Introducing today a list of online photo editing free resources, effective and for which you don’t require an advanced image processing knowledge.

10 Online Photo Editing Tools for Beginners

10 Free Photo Editing Tools for Creating Stunning Visual Content

1. Pixlr

If you are already familiar with Photoshop, this is a similar program to edit pictures but much more simplified.

Pixlr contains instant effects that you can add to your pictures, change the saturation or the shade. To use it, you only need some basic knowledge about editing photos tools (fill, crop, blur, smudge and others).

It comes also with a mobile version with a variety of filters, frames, and stickers, but mostly collages, where you can add up to 10 photos.

When you’ve finished editing photos, Pixlr lets you distribute them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


2. BeFunky

A program to edit pictures online for graphic design enthusiasts. Photos can be uploaded almost anywhere, even on Facebook or YouTube. It contains ready-made templates with different segments:

  • patterns
  • blog resources
  • graphics

Each of the above categories has different subcategories to choose from, depending on your preference. In addition, BeFunky lets you customize fonts, choose the size, color, opacity and duplication options.

Edited photos can be saved on your computer, your account BeFunky Google Drive, DropBox or you can share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Tumblr.


3. Fotor

Fotor has more than 100 filters and effects to optimize the contrast, saturation, especially, brightness.

In addition, you can mark your favorite effects to later reuse. Pictures can be stored in the .jpg or .png and have special subcategories related to beauty (face, eyes, mouth).


4. Canva

Canva is one of the most affordable programs for editing photos, created specifically for graphic designers, without losing too much time. It has a lot of features to help you create your design:

  • text
  • background
  • frames
  • grids
  • forms
  • lines
  • illustrations
  • free photos

Canva has the option of “branding”. When you create your account, you can enter in the form your brand colors so that the effects will match these colors and so creating a custom design.


5. iPiccy

iPiccy is a program to edit pictures with various elements of saturation and temperature, which doesn’t necessarily require account registration for use.

You can upload images to iPiccy from your computer, directly from a webcam, or from an online image’s URL.

In this case, editing the photos online offers you a variety of basic tools (resize, crop, rotate, sharpen, or flip the picture, as well as edit the exposure, hue, saturation, and colors) and advanced (curves, dodge, burn, levels and clone tool).

When you’re finished editing with iPiccy, you can share the photo on Facebook or download it to your computer in either the JPG or PNG file format.


6. Sumo Paint

A program for editing photos online which contains a very useful package of 3D effects, a variety of tool’s ( gradient map tool, symmetry tool, kaleidoscope tool ), gradients, symmetry tools and filters.

Besides this, the SumoPaint find a wide range of brushes with various effects (oil, dry appearance, chalk and others) and different types of flowers, or shapes.

No need for registration online to edit your pictures and they can be saved on your computer or on the cloud.


7. Ribbet

Ribbet is simple to use and options are arranged in the left menu without having to search too much. It features:

  • fix your photos in a single click
  • fine-tune your results with advanced controls
  • crop, resize, and rotate in real-time
  • tons of special effects, from artsy to fun
  • astoundingly fast, right in your browser
  • awesome fonts and top-quality type tool
  • pond-fulls of shapes from hand-picked designers
  • works on Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • no download, installation or sign-up required

An interesting aspect regarding editing pictures is that you can enter a font from your own computer to customize your visual content. They even have a blog where you post the latest news and articles with tips & tricks about using the program.


8. PicMonkey

A program for edited pictures that does not require registration. A multitude of illuminating effects, colors and different edges to frame pictures.

It is simple to use and includes diversified tools like auto adjust, sharpen, resize, rotate, exposure, crop, and themes or fonts.

Photos can be uploaded from your computer or Facebook, OneDrive, DropBox or Flickr. In addition, you can share your visual content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr or email.


9. piZap

piZap has more than 50 filters, stickers, emoji and tool sites that control transparency and sharpness. It has three basic categories:

  • Edit
  • Collage
  • Design

With piZap, you can create your cover photo for Facebook and Twitter, for which you can choose a suitable background, stickers, filters, frames, pictures from your computer and not least, text in various forms.


10. LunaPic

LunaPic is an online photo editing program well structured. You can upload images from your computer but also from Facebook, Instagram or DropBox. You will be amazed by 200 + effects and so everything will be easier for you there are some good tutorials available.


Programs for editing photos online that I have mentioned above are just some of the resources to improve the visual content. You can use them with confidence and you can tell me in the comment section if you have any other resources.

How to significantly improve the speed of your website

How to significantly improve the speed of your website

Loading speed of your site is an important ranking factor in Google’s search engine eyes. This can be improved with the help of a specialist, but if your site is built on WordPress, I have good news for you. You can improve your Page Speed […]

How To Choose Your Foundation If You Have Acne-Prone Skin

How To Choose Your Foundation If You Have Acne-Prone Skin

How do I choose the best foundation? Acne is a quite common problem among ladies of all ages, sometimes in a light, sometimes in a rather severe form and can persist for a longer or shorter time. Either way, no woman feel good about it, […]

[Review]: fantastic drugstore foundations for combination skin

[Review]: fantastic drugstore foundations for combination skin

How do I choose the best foundation for combination skin?

If you were born with a mixed complexion, it means that you know how difficult it is to harmonize the dry portions of your skin with the oily ones, so your look will be perfect. A good foundation can solve this problem.

However, to find the right product can prove to be a challenge because the wrong choice can do more damage than the lack of it. To ensure that you make a good choice, I advise you to read the following guide that will teach you how to choose the best foundation adapted to your needs.

Makeup products


The best foundation for combination skin

Texture: after you understood what actually having combination skin means, it’s good to know that there are recommended almost all the types of foundation.

The foundation with illuminator effect will make the dry areas of your face like cheekbones and the surface above the forehead – to get a natural glow. And all of this it’s owed because of its ingredients, which include pearls powder and minerals.

Liquid foundation spreads perfectly over the skin and manages to cover the areas with problems, fading them so the oily parts of the skin won’t differentiate from the dry ones.

Compact foundation can even be used if you have some skin problems. Because it’s a combination of liquid foundation and powder it’s ideal for a great coverage.

The matte foundation will absorb the excess sebum from the shiny areas, which are found around the nose and mouth. It’s very long-lasting and is suitable for any type of makeup you want to apply, highlighting their shades.

Mineral foundation has the consistency of the powder, and the interesting part is that it lies on the face without entering the pores, therefore avoiding to create the effect of “tight skin”.
The foundation is highlighted better if it’s applied together with a makeup base. It’s used to prepare the skin for the foundation that will be applied and will better fix it. And the interesting part is that it can shrink the pores and can your makeup won’t have that cakey effect.

A good foundation can do wonders for your skin and your makeup. Often, such a product is hard to find in regular stores, so I strongly recommend to do a thorough search on the Internet. There you can find real images of those who have bought the product and you will have the opportunity to see how you desired shade is blending with their skin. Below you can see a list of products that I have found and I think that they are worth trying:

1. Astor Mattitude HD (around 19$)

Astor Mattitude HD foundation

It has an extremely affordable price.
It has a matte texture, which means that it can hide areas with excess sebum.
It has a lightweight consistency which makes it easy to spread all over your face.
It has moisturizing properties, helping dry areas of the face.
Multitude choices of shades.

It’s not the best product for covering severe skin imperfections like acute acne.

This foundation can be easily framed in the category of “Best foundation for combination skin” due to its composition with beneficial effects for both sebum-rich areas of the face and for the driest. The foundation has a gel texture that makes it very easy to spread on your face, and at the same time manages to nourish dry areas through moisturizing ingredients it owns. The product also protects skin against the sun due to the SPF 22 factor. But the really attractive aspect of this foundation is that it gives the skin a matte finish, making the oily areas of the face to stop shine. Also, the pores are minimized. The foundation can be purchased in six shades (porcelain, honey beige, ivory, nude beige, deep beige and natural).

2. Revlon ColorStay Makeup (7.40$ now)


It has moisturizing properties, so that will help your dry parts of the face.
The offer price is convenient compared to other quality product.
It Mixes well with the natural color of the face, creating a natural look.
Manages to hide blemishes and freckles.

The downside is that it doesn’t stay on the face a long time and after a few hours it needs refreshing.

If you want a foundation for mixed skin that is cheap and good, it won’t hurt to pay attention to this product. Its light consistency is very gentle with the more sensitive areas of the face and the nutritional properties of the foundation will help moisturize the dry areas. Also because of this, areas on the cheeks, around the eyes will not get that cakey appearance that sometimes occurs when trying to cover dry areas. But the foundation takes care of the oily areas of the skin, with sebum absorption capacity. In this way, you will not have to worry that your foundation will give you that awful “mask” look. If you want to cover more pronounced signs such as acne scars this product might not be the best solution because of its medium shade. But it will succeed very well to hide stains caused by the sun, redness, and freckles and also will highlight the colors of your makeup.

3. Vichy Teint Ideal Fluid (19.73$)

VICHY TEINT Ideal Fluid LSF 35 30 ml

It has a fluid consistency, which makes it easy to spread.
It contains vitamins A and C, giving the skin elasticity.
Skin luminosity because of the pearl dust composition.
No parabens and has SPF 20.

The product price is slightly higher.

If you want a foundation that gives your skin a pleasant appearance but also protects it Teint Ideal Fluid might be a perfect option. It also has the ability to create that bright and satin effect, managing to highlight the colors of your every day makeup, but also the evening powerful, dramatic makeup specific style. At the same time, the product lasts longer than ten hours, but if you want to cover your skin for longer, it is recommended to use it in combination with a base for makeup. An important aspect to consider is its vitamin C content, which gives your skin elasticity and at the same time, helps cure acne and reduce sebum around the nose and mouth. The foundation also contains vitamin A, which is nutritious and that helps eliminate skin redness. In addition, the product does not contain parabens.

How to choose the perfect foundation

How to choose the perfect foundation

What does actually mean “a good foundation”? Often the quality of the foundation is confused with its power of coverage. Thus some believe that a foundation with high coverage is also a good foundation. Nothing is more wrong. A full coverage concealer can be considered […]

12 Tips: How to Use Email to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

12 Tips: How to Use Email to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Email marketing is an extremely effective solution for small businesses in order for them to attract valuable customers at a low cost. Of all the methods of promotion, email marketing still has the highest conversion rate, because subscribers give their consent to receive informing from […]

Review: Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel

Review: Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel

Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel removes impurities and traces of makeup, but also has cleansing and exfoliating effects, giving you a perfect skin, looking flawless. The product is based on fruit enzymes that remove dead skin, and glycerin, which prevents dry skin. Your skin is clean, and the risk of formation of wrinkles and blackheads is minimized.

Beauty Product from Mario Badescu
Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel promises you’ll complete one of the fundamental steps of your skin care routine without any worry that you’ll do more harm than good.

The product is based on deionized water, which guarantees the maximum compatibility with the skin. The enzymes in fruits (papaya and grapefruit) peel off gently, ensuring that even sensitive skin doesn’t suffer.

The formula is completed by glycerol, that moisturizes the skin gently, preventing dryness, a phenomenon that sometimes occurs during cleansing.

It has a gel texture that doesn’t create foam, thereby protecting your skin from aggressive ingredients. The pleasant smell will make you feel spoiled and the chic container with green and white tones has a touch of freshness and elegance that you will conquer.

How to apply: apply to wet skin, massaging gently with circular movements to make sure you remove all makeup. Rinse with lukewarm water and continue applying a toner or astringent lotion.

Pros: the most important advantage of this cleanser is that it provides a deep cleansing of the skin. Specialists highlight the importance of effective cleansing.
Besides the classic attributes of removing makeup which is a common trait to any product of this nature gender, Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel presents the advantage to disinfect the skin in depth, but also to achieve a light peeling, in a way without any risk, thanks to the papaya and grapefruit enzymes.

You’ll love the soft texture, and it will feel very comfortable on the skin, and not least it will absolutely delight you with the delicate smell.
But what convinces final product is the result: immediately the skin is clean, revitalized and with a silky touch, making sure that the cleansing action does not dry your skin. Furthermore, you are free from wrinkles and blackheads result of pore clogging.

The only warning I can formulate is to carefully read the list of ingredients of the product to make sure it doesn’t contain ingredients to which you are allergic.
For an effective cleansing, I totally recommend that you try Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel.

SEO Copywriting: 10 Simple Steps for Beginners

SEO Copywriting: 10 Simple Steps for Beginners

What is SEO Copywriting and how it can help you? SEO copywriting strategy is the process by which you create search engine friendly copy/content. Therefore, SEO copywriting focuses on creating informative, quality and attractive content by including keywords that are found in Google. In short, […]