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Month: April 2017

Avoid These Mistakes When You Have A Blog

Avoid These Mistakes When You Have A Blog

There are many factors that determine a blog to be successful online. I decided to write an article explaining the main mistakes to be avoided at all costs when you have a blog. 1. YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR BLOG’S DESIGN Design a blog is […]

Things you should include in a SEO strategy

Things you should include in a SEO strategy

Even if Google changes its indexing algorithms very often, there are some rules when it comes to implementing an SEO strategy and most likely will remain unchanged. Below I have listed some of them: YOU ALWAYS NEED MORE LINKS Inbound links (backlinks) are very important […]

The best email marketing platforms I recommend in 2017

The best email marketing platforms I recommend in 2017

If you want to build a stable online business is indicated among other online marketing tools also to use an email marketing platform. Choosing the right platform can be really challenging because it should match the needs of your company. Whatever the choice, using a platform for email marketing is imperative for the success of any online marketing campaigns performed. In the following post, I will give some examples of such platforms and some of their main features.

email marketing platforms in 2017

AWEBER (starting from $19/mo with 30 days free trial)

This email marketing platform is among the most popular, being used by many of those who want to promote their business online. If you want to send emails that contain text it’s very intuitive, with all the necessary tools to segment your audience, to send automated responses and to extract the results of your campaign. Unfortunately, AWeber platform doesn’t include a free plan and can become quite complicated to use it if you also want to include videos.

For more information check out this link –

MAILCHIMP (free with paid plans starting from $10/mo)

If you want to send beautiful, full of graphic elements emails MailChimp platform may be ideal for you. Among other interesting features, this email marketing platform allows you to imports your own templates. Also, offers a variety of other interesting items. The downside maybe is that this platform can be quite complicated to use, especially because of the predefined templates that often are not that great. An important thing about this platform is that it offers a free plan.

For more information check out this link –

DRIP (free and paid plans starting from $41/mo including free trial)

LeadPages bought Drip and managed to transform this platform in one of the most innovative.
You can create highly effective, dynamic email campaigns in minutes. With Drip’s visual campaign builder, you can design email campaigns based on your subscribers’ actions, decisions, goals, delays, and exits—so you’re always sending the right email message at the right time.
Get powerful features like a vertical customer timeline and lead scoring tracking script, to build more personalized email campaigns for your customers.
This platform is a more affordable option in financial terms for users who can not afford such applications like Infusionsoft.

For more information check out this link –

MADMIMI (free plan with 100 contacts stored and paid plans starting from $10/mo)

This platform is very intuitive, has a unique design and is more than suitable for creative people. Though not a lot when it comes to analysis, MadMimi provides some very interesting reporting tools.

For more information check out this link –

ICONTACT (starting from $59/mo with 30 days free trial)

Many users think iContact platform best performs when it comes to configuring and launching email marketing campaigns. Among its features include a guide that helps you step by step to configure and launch, a campaign multitude of predefined templates and many ways of reporting.

For more information check out this link –

INFUSIONSOFT (starting from $199/mo)

This platform is highly complex, offering almost everything you need to run an email marketing campaign, but unfortunately, to get all these great features you must pay a fairly high price. Infusionsoft is a platform dedicated to large companies who can afford high budget allocation of online promotion. Instead, it gives you all the tools you need when it comes to targeting, segmentation, and reporting.

For more information check out this link –

SIMPLERO (starting from $83/mo)

This email marketing platform is considered as an ideal solution for users who want more services included in just one. Meanwhile, Simplero is a very easy to use a platform. Using it you have access to both the possibility of segmentation or email personalization and other functions of sending automated responses.

For more information check out this link –

LITMUS (starting from $79/mo with 7 days free trial )

Litmus provides instant email previews, comprehensive checklists, and advanced analytics to help you optimize for every subscriber.
You can see screenshots of your emails across 70+ apps and devices to ensure compatibility in all environments. Also build, edit, and preview your emails in real time.
See where your subscribers open and if they read, skimmed, or deleted your email. Track forwards and prints, compare engagement by device, and more.

For more information check out this link –

ACTIVETRAIL (starting from $7(now)/mo with free trial available)

ActiveBuilder simplifies the task of building a campaign. You can build sophisticated and compelling campaigns without any technical knowledge. Simply add images and texts and the system will do the rest for you.
ActiveTrail helps you learn from your campaigns in order to optimize your marketing efforts. The comprehensive real-time reports provide all relevant performance data regarding your campaigns in a clear and easy to understand manner.
Create emails that can be automatically sent to recipients in response to certain actions. You can, for instance, send an automatic email after registration, which could include information on sales.

For more information check out this link –

GETRESPONSE (starting from 12 euros/mo with 30 days free trial)

Is an online multi-platform marketing tool for your business growth.
Creates and delivers compelling emails that look great on any device.
Increase conversion rates with complete marketing webinars.
Creates publishes and hosts beautiful landing pages with high conversion rate.

For more information check out this link –
The best way to choose an email marketing platform is you write down what you want it to give you and establish exactly the budget that you have. Once you have all this information before I am sure that one of the platforms mentioned in this post will suit your business needs.

This week’s social media tools recommendations

This week’s social media tools recommendations

Social media platforms and tools change rapidly. Here is a list of new social media tools to try right now. The list contains tools that generate content, launch and measure campaigns, ways to make your business more successful. SNAPLYTICS If you are interested in developing […]

Social Media Marketing: The Beginner’s Guide

Social Media Marketing: The Beginner’s Guide

What is social media marketing? It represents the process of increasing awareness for your personal brand, products or services you offer to customers through various social media channels. The ultimate goal of any social media marketing campaign is to generate website traffic, increase product visibility, […]

How to promote a website? – Website promotion methods

How to promote a website? – Website promotion methods

Website promotion methods

As the title suggests, I will discuss the various ways to promote your site across the Internet. Website promotion is essential for growth and business development with a crucial role in attracting traffic to your site and thus in getting all the benefits for which the site has been designed.

Prior to reviewing the main methods of website promotion is very important to note that to achieve the desired results after each accomplished step, you need to analyze your traffic in Google Analytics to determine the impact that these methods really worked.

website promotion methods

Below are listed the most effective methods of website promotion:

Advertising banners, links on niche websites related to the business that you want to promote

It’s crucial to choose those partnerships that offer targeted traffic at an optimal cost. When you purchase advertising on another site, ask suppliers about traffic and demographic data: sex, age, education level, occupation, income. It’s ideal if these statistics are provided by an independent party, like Google Analytics.

It’s important that the links to not contain the Nofollow label (rel = “no follow”) in their definition since this means that no transfer points of the link received in the search engine, and thus links and banners purchased will have almost no impact on your ranking in the search engine for web site promotion.
When done correctly, this method of promotion has a major effect on traffic and search engine positioning but is not among the cheapest.

Advertising PPC 

It is one of the most effective methods of advertising because through good optimization campaign can reach that segment of traffic very interested in your products and services. It’s still very important to choose to promote PPC in the search engine only those products that have the best possible price in the market because only in this way you can profit.

I would avoid PPC in the Linkedin advertising network due to high cost and because of the quite low conversion rate. To increase brand reputation, I recommend using Google Adwords Campaign. To increase sales I recommended search engine campaigns and retargeting.

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are most effective sales channel if the lists are made by proper methods and subscribers showed intent to purchase in the past. In terms of conversion rate, I observed in some data from Analytics, great results for those who grew their subscriber’s lists naturally. It’s important to choose a platform that provides certainty delivering messages in your inbox at the best possible speed.

Directory Submission

Directory submission, by 2012, was a cheap and efficient way to propel a website in top positions of the search engine. Currently, this technique can have a more negative than positive if directories are not carefully chosen. The key is to choose those directories that meet high-quality criteria. Directory submission of poor quality can cause a decrease in website search engine.
In terms of traffic, directory submission is insignificant effects but may increase indirectly the position of the search engine.
It’s a cheaper way in terms of cost but low efficiency. It’s necessary to begin registration with DMOZ directories and niche directories.

Sites ads

Advertise on this kind of sites doesn’t imply a significant increase in the search engine, but it can bring traffic and generate sales if specific business ads are classified into categories of sites. Most sites don’t offer a direct link to the advertised sites; therefore, this advertising channel doesn’t have a significant impact in terms of positioning in search engines.

Social networks

Social media is an effective method of increasing a community associated with your own website. This method is relatively easy. You make a large number of friends, groups, fan pages and invite your friends to join as members to share ideas. Just on Twitter create a quote with a link to your website and users will start to look for.

Publishing articles

Editing articles and post quality content can increase the number of backlinks and therefore, increase in the search engine but also gain a reputation for your brand.
Through content, you can target the longer phrases specific to your business. Articles, if indeed they are of good quality will be taken over by other major websites and redistributed, and sometimes, but rarely, completely with internal links.

Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks have the advantage of not involving a cost (a percentage of the sale) until the actual sale is achieved. Also, with the help of this kind of networks you get backlinks for free.

Commenting on blogs

Your blog comments bring you popularity. So, you will post comments on various blogs you read. You can add in the comment a link to your website. It’s said that a well-written review brings attention. So if you post an attractive comment, more likely that other users will visit your link attached. It’s preferable to comment on blogs you have, indeed, something to say and not to exclusively obtain a link.

Posting on forums

This is another effective method of getting backlinks and targeted traffic on your website. First, it’s necessary to choose a niche forum that is relevant to your site and help with quality content that is relevant to that specific niche. You must make sure you have an adequate contribution and do not spam because in that situation you may risk your account to be banned. Also, you have the opportunity to set your personal link in your signature and so improve site traffic.

Email signatures

Yes, you can reach potential customers also with your email signature. All you have to do is add your name and URL of your site. Although it’s a handy method, in practice is not always used.


Everyone loves contests and the opportunity to win prizes. Many sites offer prize money or other objects and therefore promote their site. The important part of the competition is obviously a large number of users to enroll, so be sure to promote the contest on many profile sites and forums. As the number of users grows, the more you become popular. The main source of promotion competitions I remember mainly Facebook and websites specialized in this field.

Posting videos

Posting videos can be a source of growing popularity and website traffic. Necessary when generating a content-rich video to open a special channel on specialized sites such as Youtube.

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14 Essential Instagram Tools for Social Media Marketing

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