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how to receive more blog comments
Blogging tools & tricks, General

How to increase the numbers of comments on your blog

The comments on your blog articles are very important from several points of view. One of the important factors is that they help you interact with your visitors. Comments are very useful in promoting the blog they represent and they can also bring more readers and therefore more customers. If you want to determine more visitors to leave comments try the tips below. 1. BECOMING AN OPINION LEADER If you write articles that allow readers to form an opinion, you increase the chance that they will leave a comment section with their own personal opinion. 2. WRITE QUALITY CONTENT Quality…

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how to write unique and relevant content
Blogging tools & tricks, General

How to Create Unique and Relevant Content For Your Blog

Before all other things that matter, such as design, social media, SEO or other things, distinction from other blogs is CONTENT. For example, even if the design blog is boring, unfriendly or downright ugly, readers will come back to you if you provide quality and relevant content. When we talk about social media, I believe any blogger enjoys the fact that his articles are shared, commented and reactions are created, but none of this will happen as long as the content doesn’t have something to offer. SEO optimization techniques help a lot for a better positioning of your blog in…

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facebook like
Blogging tools & tricks, General

How to use Facebook in your social media marketing

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms, therefore without investing too much time or financial resources can help you get the desired results in terms of promoting your business online.   CREATE A BUSINESS FACEBOOK PAGE Every business should have such a page because it offers a plenitude of things that can help a lot in promoting your services or products. To create a business page on Facebook you must already have a personal profile, then create it is extremely simple. This page will allow you to promote your business in an active way because a profile is…

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Google plus social network
Blogging tools & tricks, General

Is Google + still important for your brand?

I noticed that many people including myself, unfortunately, neglect the social network Google+ although it’s a very important factor in terms of strategy for online marketing and optimization for search engines. In the following article, I explain why Google+ is such an important social network. First of all the most obvious and important thing is that Google owns it, so any content you post on Google+ will be favored by the search engine and you will find indexed in the top results. Of course, Google advises people who have a steady presence in social media to post regularly on its…

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seo for a better google ranking
Blogging tools & tricks, General

How to optimize your site’s images for a better Google ranking

If you did not know, to improve your presence in the search engines you have to go through various SEO optimization processes and while you’re doing that by mistake you can easily skip a few milestones. Today I’ll talk a little bit about how you can optimize¬†your website images in order to get a better Google ranking. Therefore, in the following article, you can find out important details about the SEO optimization process for the images you want to add to your website or blog REDUCING THE SIZE OF THE FILE CONTAINING THE IMAGE Loading time plays an important role…

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General, Politic

What is anarcho-communism and what are its principles?

On December 9, 1842, Prince Piotr Kropotkin was born in Moscow. Soon, Piotr and his brother, Alexei, were left without their mother. He attends school in St. Petersburg while conducting a series of research on peasants after which concludes that they are forced to obey authority but in no way respects that. Thus refuses to continue his military career in the Imperial Guard and choose to be deported to Siberia in a Cossack unit. Siberia teaches him that “man actually requires very little, as it moves out of the magic circle of conventional civilization” and that the state apparatus, this…

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Blogging tools & tricks, General

8 Essential Things To Be Done Before Launching A Site

Before launching a site online you really need to make sure that everything is well organized. Certainly, it will be useful to have a list that contains what you should do before launch. The article will give you some tips that you should implement before launching a site. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A FAVICON Favicon gives you the opportunity to display the logo in the tab or window in the browser where your website will open. It’s also saved along with the bookmark. So users can more easily identify the page belonging to your website. CHECK TITLES AND META CONTENT…

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