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Month: July 2017

Benefits Of Cactus Oil For Your Skin, Beauty And Hair

Benefits Of Cactus Oil For Your Skin, Beauty And Hair

There are plenty of options to choose from when you want to take a break from all the skin care products that contain all kinds of ingredients that in the end are not exactly good for your skin and the best option are cosmetic oils. […]

Natural Skin Care – Floral Water

Natural Skin Care – Floral Water

Tonic lotions and micellar water are products that shouldn’t miss out of your skin care bag, but what about if you add one more extraordinary product? I suggest trying the floral waters. These are obtained by boiling the various plants and then condensing the vapor […]

My New Secret – Vitamin E Oil Benefits and Uses

My New Secret – Vitamin E Oil Benefits and Uses

Vitamin E is essential for your beauty ritual, and the best way to make the most of its positive effects is to assimilate also with food, not just with cosmetics containing this vitamin. There are some very rich sources of oily vitamin E, such as coconut oil, olive oil, avocados, spinach, sunflower seeds, oleaginous fruits and wheat germs. Find out what are the most important benefits that oily vitamin E has for your skin and hair!

vitamin e oil

1. Stimulates hair growth: vitamin E oil has antioxidant properties that repair hair follicles, which helps the hair to grow. A conditioner containing this substance is doing true miracles for hair. Mix the two vitamin E capsules with two tablespoons of warm olive oil, then massage the scalp with this mix using circular motions. Let it act for 30 minutes, then wash the hair with your favorite products. This treatment should be followed 2-3 times a week.

2. Strengthens the skin: vitamin E is an antioxidant that also has an anti-aging effect, can be used not only as a method of wrinkle prevention but also to repair the already aging skin. The simplest method of wrinkle removal is the use of vitamin E oil capsules. In the evening, before bedtime, apply one capsule under the eyes and in areas most affected by wrinkles to enjoy the regenerative effects.

3. Treat scars and hyperpigmentation: the regenerative effect of E vitamin E also helps in the rapid healing of scars, and the effect is even stronger as the treatment is applied earlier on the scar. Combine the contents of two vitamin E capsules with a teaspoon of castor oil and apply the mixture on the problem area daily for one month.

4. Softens dry and very dry areas: Dry skin is not very pleasant to touch, and some areas are more prone to drying than others (elbows, knees, heels). Oily Vitamin E can be applied to these areas to restore their softness. Either use it as a capsule or mix with a little olive oil and lightly massage the problematic portions.

5. Get rid of split ends: of course, this is not a permanent solution, split ends being a clear sign that you need to pay a visit to your hairstylist. But they can split a lot faster if you dye and use your hair plate, and one of the solutions is to use vitamin E oil to treat them. Combine equal amounts of vitamin E capsules, olive oil, and coconut oil and apply this mix on the ends, letting it work for several hours before rinsing and washing your head as you normally do.

6. Acne: There are many studies that confirm the beneficial effects of vitamin E on acne scars, even helping to fight acne. The strong antioxidant properties of Vitamin E oil are those that give it this feature: to actively fight acne by reducing redness and inflammation associated with it and helping to regain the skin’s sebum control. Vitamin E has the ability to blur the scars or the unaesthetic signs that remain after the treatments that are recommended for this serious problem.

Vitamin E oil is a true miracle for the body and is one of most effective nutrients for skin and hair.

Are You Making These Skin Care Mistakes?

Are You Making These Skin Care Mistakes?

Permanently exposed to UV rays, the wind and free radicals, your skin needs careful attention before dealing with the aggression of environmental factors. Of course, you use an SPF product and a moisturizing cream that suits your skin, but are you sure it’s enough to […]

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation(Matte + Poreless) Review

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation(Matte + Poreless) Review

Product Description: What It Is: Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation face make-up. This lightweight foundation mattifies and refines pores and leaves a natural, seamless finish. Benefits: Ideal for normal to oily skin, the exclusive Matte foundation formula features micro-powders to control shine and blur […]

How to choose the best domain name for your website

How to choose the best domain name for your website

The domain name is one of the most important factors that you must have in mind when you want to have an online presence. Whether you want to create your own website that sells certain products or you want to create a blog to share your experiences, you need a relevant name to support you and help you create a worthy brand online.

how to choose the perfect domain name

At the moment there are a lot of Internet domain names. Some better, some not so good, but all are placed in two categories: domain names consisting of common words and domain names consisting of abstract words.

1. Common names: this area consist of common words for the public and are a fairly easy choice to remember (for example

Advantage :
– if you use this kind of domain name that contains the name that describes your business or product, then it’s much easier to reach top positions in search engines. For example, if you have a site that sells cosmetics products like the website that I’ve used as an example in the previous paragraph and your domain name is, when a user inserted the words “cosmetics” in the search engines, the chances that the website will be on the first page are very high also if the SEO is optimized as it should.

Tip: choose a domain name that fits the area in which you want to make your online promotion, I recommend you try the Keyword Planner. It’ a great tool that it shows you keyword suggestions appropriate for your business and the number of monthly searches and competitiveness in the online environment.

Disadvantage :
– the use of these common words, unfortunately, doesn’t guarantee exclusivity and maybe one of your competitors could choose a domain name similar to yours like “”.

2. Abstract names: These fields consist of words that have no meaning and that is an abstract name, for example, my own domain name:

Advantage :
– in these cases is much easier to become unique. Although it may be harder to remember depending of course also on the complexity, it will last much longer especially if the name fun or very catchy. In these cases, it will be very hard for your competitors to copy the idea of the name.

Regarding the choice of the name itself, you must pay attention to several factors that can help and influence to make the best decision:

1. Easy to remember.

Whether you choose a domain name usually abstract, it must be easy to remember and especially to not cause confusion when you pronounce it. If you need to repeat something is not quite as good a name.

2. Relevant.

Are keen to find a name that is relevant and is related to your field. Although it seems that today is too difficult to find a name that is good and right (especially if your niche is populated by many competitors and especially if you start later activity in online) always will find an appropriate name for you and your business if you know how to search.

3. Extension.

It plays an important role in creating a web page. When choosing your domain name, you should know that the extension can help you get higher in the search engines for a specific geographical location. If you want to make a website that operates in Romania, the .ro extension is the best. If you want to activate the international market the .com extension is the best.

4. Keywords.

If you want to be ranked first in the search engines for a specific keyword (which may consist of several words) then you can choose your domain name consisting of those words so you can give yourself an advantage in the search.
But pay attention that using a single word, doesn’t provide the wanted result. For example: if your domain name is doesn’t mean it will help you get to the top search for “makeup”.

5. Combination.

To find a good domain name, often we don’t find what we want and we make certain combinations to achieve the desired result. For that, we are willing to make some compromises (using numbers or hyphen). In my opinion “0” can be mistaken with “o” and most of the times hyphens can be forgotten.

6. Brand.

Choosing a domain name must be a reflection of you and need to last a long time. Please think of all the variables, find a name to be proud even in 20 years and especially choose an area that can become a long-term brand. You don’t want to take a domain name, create your brand and then after a period of time you are forced to start all over again.

7. Social Networks.

One of the important places you have to look first when choosing a domain name is on social networks, verify that you chosen name is not taken by another company or person. In this way, you can get a name to be used both as a web address, but also as the name for your social networks profile.

8. Trademark.

Often it is possible to think of the perfect name, only to discover that that name is registered or is a registered trademark. There is a big difference between having a website and having a brand. There are cases when a certain brand doesn’t have a website. In these circumstances, it’s best to check everywhere before buying a domain name.

9. Hosted.

It’s possible that a domain name is put on sale. At first glance, it would seem you an excellent alternative. You think that you won’t have to start from the beginning should not you start from the beginning stop and think about it for a second. If the owner is selling it means that it didn’t succeed with it, it’s not like anyone would sell a successful name and also it’s not possible for you to know what kind of SEO techniques were used by the previous owner. Sometimes people resort to Black Hat SEO to boost their site but that it’s just a risky, short-term solution and all the links that came with the domain could drag you down and even marked as spam by Google. So all your hard work and all of your efforts will be in vain because it’s not even a remote chance to get in top searches with this kind of domain.

10. Be different.

Experience and think what you could identify with and what name you could choose in order to be different from your competitors.

Review: Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation

Review: Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation

Product Description: Introducing Rimmel London Wake Me Up, a foundation that instantly reawakens skin with a healthy, radiant glow and minimizes premature skin aging. A light, smooth texture for natural, 100% poreless coverage instantly eliminates signs of tiredness and lifts skin from fatigue. Radiance pearls […]

Review: Catrice All Matt Plus Foundation

Review: Catrice All Matt Plus Foundation

What they say: The perfect basis for every season’s make-up looks a matt complexion. The Catrice All Matt Plus Foundation acts like a second, invisible skin. Unwanted shine is controlled, the complexion is mattified and the skin is replenished with moisture. At the same time, […]

[Review] Gerovital Happiness CC cream light

[Review] Gerovital Happiness CC cream light

Since I discovered the Gerovital Happiness CC cream, I will take a break from foundations, at least for a while. The colored cream with raspberry extract can compete, in my opinion, with a light to medium coverage foundation and could even win because I found some positive aspects, which I didn’t expect.

review gerovital happiness cc cream

Unlike a BB ( blemish balm/beauty balm ) cream that evens the skin tone and is considered more of a colored moisturizing face cream and suitable as a basis for the foundation, a CC ( color control ) Cream, besides hydrating the skin, it covers imperfections, having a higher covering power.

It has 3 shades: light shade with raspberry extract, a medium shade with apricot extract and finally a dark shade with cranberries extract.
I can’t really tell you about the two other shades but the light one is not super white so I don’t know how well it will go with a porcelain skin but for those who use for the foundation the ivory shades or soft beige shade would fit perfectly and if you think I’m mistaken please let me know.
I love that it adjusts to the skin tone and that after a few minutes becomes almost invisible, combining with the skin.

The product comes in a 50 ml tube with a very girly design, it’s easy to handle and you can dose the product perfectly not worrying for consuming too much product at once.

It has an almost liquid consistency and it feels very easy and comfortable on the skin so much that I think I’m just applying a moisturizer and not a product that could pass along as a foundation. I tend to apply two layers of the product for a better coverage because it is buildable and creates a look that doesn’t seem like I’m wearing a mask.

It covers mostly post-acne redness and blemishes, evening out the skin tone, and the thing that I like in particular is the brightness and the healthy appearance which gives me. I love the luminous effect and pleasant feeling that I have after application, it just gives a good feeling overall! It doesn’t stay sticky and the small skin imperfections you might have disappeared with the second layer applied, but for a more problematic skin would need a concealer to hide those areas.

Another aspect that I find really important is that I feel my skin hydrated throughout the day, but it’s not causing me to shine more than usual. I can say it last My skin is very oily and I tried so many foundations, bb creams but few can fight with this problem. I’m not saying this CC cream is a miracle maker for oily skin, just the fact that this is not making my skin worse.
It didn’t cause any irritation, itching or other reactions, and I really hope neither of you who are trying this CC cream doesn’t experience that.

In conclusion,  I really love this CC Cream,  it has a delicious aroma which doesn’t bother me at all, attractive packaging and a quality product inside.
I don’t know what more I could ask for from this cream and all of this at a very reasonable price!

If you are interested in buying this product you can check out this link:

6 Metrics Google Analytics Beginners Should Watch

6 Metrics Google Analytics Beginners Should Watch

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