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5 Reasons Why You Are Always Late

For me, there is nothing more interesting than examining human behavior, even if that behavior is a trait or habit I have myself that isn’t a particularly good one.
Being chronically tardy I know it’s a horrible thing and may affect your reputation with the people around you including friends or even your boss but Thank God for researchers.Apparently, you may have a scientific reason why you are always getting late.
A study from 2002 published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, determined as a conclusion that there are 2 types of people: Type A people tend to have more accurate internal clocks so that influences their behavior of showing on time or even showing up early and Type B people wich have more relaxed sense of time and urgency.
But don’t rush to present this as an explanation and just go with the flow “hey that’s just me” if you really want to, you should try and change this and maybe, but just maybe, your friends won’t try to kill you anymore .

1. You get to sleep too late

2. Trying to get one last thing done before you walk the door


3. You can’t find your wallet, keys or phone


4. The more outfits you tried on, the more ridiculous  you looked in everything.

5. You are unreasonably optimistic about how long it takes to get from one side of the city to the other.

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