I am rapidly becoming a fan of Drew Hayes and his books. His writing style is unique, very fast-paced, descriptive without boring the reader with too many unnecessary details, and his storylines are fresh and original.

Review: The Utterly Uninteresting and Unadventurous Tales of Fred, the Vampire Accountant by Drew Hayes


This is not your typical vampire story which makes it completely absorbing. The main character, Fred, is not powerful, glamorous, rich, witty or any of those other things most vampires are portrayed to be in other stories of this type but maybe this is what makes him instantly lovable and engaging.

Drew Hayes has put together an amazing amalgam of characters, each so different in their fun and unique way. There are no sexy vampires and no silly teenage girls and no vampire – werewolf- girl threesome with a crazy amount of drama, tears and of course more drama and cheesy teen romance.

Instead, he created parahumans with unusual problems that need Fred, and even though he wasn’t looking to be anyone’s hero the circumstances force him to become one, to solve them in his own smart and honorable way.

I had an incredibly good time reading and reviewing this book.

Please, don’t let the title fool you! This is anything but uninteresting.