the benefits of using cactus oil

There are plenty of options to choose from when you want to take a break from all the skin care products that contain all kinds of ingredients that in the end are not exactly good for your skin and the best option are cosmetic oils.

I’ve had a series of posts about these little miracles in a bottle and if you want to check them out I promise you won’t be disappointed!

And now let’s start talking about the star from today’s article: cactus oil. Extracted from the cactus seeds, this product of nature contains 10 times more antioxidants than for example argan oil! And for you here are some other benefits!

1. Regenerates the skin and accelerates scar healing


Cactus seed oil is excellent for skin repair because it contains linoleic acid, which improves the production of new cells, but also vitamin E, and flavonoids that protect you from inflammation. It’s an ideal trio to guarantee healthy skin!

2. Has anti-aging properties

Cactus contains the highest amount of Betanin among all known plants. Betanin is a very powerful antioxidant with spectacular effects against aging skin.
Like I’ve said in the previous paragraph it contains Vitamin E that neutralizes the effects of free radicals and increases cellular regeneration. The high amount of fatty acids revitalizes the skin, fades the wrinkles, strengthens and regenerates the skin.
The high concentration of Vitamin K helps to remove the bags and circles under the eyes.
Also, the essential fatty acids preserve the collagen from the deep skin layers and keep pores closed.

3. Absorbs quickly into the skin

One of the few inconveniences of some oils is that they absorb hard in the skin. Unlike some oils like olive and argan oil, cactus oil is light and doesn’t force you to take a mattifying powder in your purse to prevent the skin from having an anesthetic shine.

4. Supports healthy hair growth

Cactus oil is rich in fatty acids, which play a role in supporting hair growth processes. In other words, this miracle of nature allows the hair follicles to go through the three stages of development in a timely manner without any shortcomings.

5. Intensively feeds, protects and fixes hair

The superior water retention capacity of the cactus is excellent for hydrating the effect of hair. Indeed, cactus oil is one of the most effective moisturizing agents! Apply it to the ends after you have washed your hair and you will find that in time, your hair becomes more and more shining.

With such benefits, I am sure that the cactus oil will soon gain a place in your heart and turn into the best-kept secret of beauty everywhere!

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