Do we really need religion anymore? It is a very interesting question though in my opinion maybe the better question is did we ever needed that?I was not born an atheist, of course, I even admit that when I was in school I actually believed without hesitation that there is a God, a mighty power […]

trump-clinton presidential campaign

With the first presidential debate already in the past, the candidates are preparing for the second battle. My overview of this campaign is that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, two of the most unpopular politicians, are concentrating on insignificant matters, things that Americans shouldn’t focus when they will elect the next president of the

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Fred the Vampire Accountant

I am rapidly becoming a fan of Drew Hayes and his books. His writing style is unique, very fast-paced, descriptive without boring the reader with too many unnecessary details, and his storylines are fresh and original.   This is not your typical vampire story which makes it completely absorbing. The main character, Fred, is not

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