The history of all previous societies has been the history of class struggles. Socialism has three meanings: 1. Socialism understood as an economic system opposed to capitalism based on the collective property. It’s often used in negative political discourse. 2. Socialism understood as a political instrument in the hands of the working class. Explains the […]

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President-elect Donald Trump promises to deport over 3 million illegal immigrants Two months until Donald Trump will officially become the president of the United States and according to his own declaration he’s not intimidated by this fact. More he is willing and eager to work together with the Congress on those exact key points that made

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With the first presidential debate already in the past, the candidates are preparing for the second battle. My overview of this campaign is that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, two of the most unpopular politicians, are concentrating on insignificant matters, things that Americans shouldn’t focus when they will elect the next president of the

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