avon bb cream review

Review: Avon Solutions BB Cream

Avon Solutions BB Cream protects the skin, moisturizes and smooths creating that satin, flawless, perfect look all day. This product has a light texture that is spread easily and does not block pores, leaving skin a feeling of comfort that makes you reuse it. The product is supposed to be hypoallergenic and has SPF 15.

It amazes you with a beautiful, radiant formula that doesn’t load the skin and also with extracts that improve skin texture over time. Avon has introduced in the jujube fruit extracts that are recognized for their contribution to skin care, in improving brightness and in shaping a satin final aspect.

The first time you try, it strikes you with the light texture that is spread easily and lightly on the skin and outlines a natural finish.

How to use it:  Avon Solutions BB cream is distributed on the skin surface like a foundation, distributed equally with your fingers for a natural look. This product is versatile, according to tradition BB, it can be used as a moisturizer, makeup base or foundation.

Pros: The main advantage of BB’s cream Avon Solutions is the beautiful appearance of your skin. If you have smooth skin, with fewer imperfections and look for a product that would put them in the qualities, the BB cream is the right option for you. The Avon Solutions will not disappoint, promoting the same look ethereal and natural light, perfect for days when you do not want to apply too much makeup. You’ll absolutely adore the comfortable texture that glides on the skin and is absorbed immediately. The product does not excel in coverage, but is among the best on the market from this point of view, given the reduced ability to camouflage imperfections that have BB cream sites. In time, you’ll notice that your skin becomes softer and smoother, thanks to the extracts of plants, which can only thank you.

Cons: The most important disadvantage of BB’s cream Avon Solutions is conferred by these two colors, which will make it difficult to find your accurate skin shade.

So have you tried it yet? And if so, I would love to hear your opinions in the comment section.