rimmel wake me up foundation review

Review: Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation

Rimmel wake me up foundation product description:

Introducing Rimmel London Wake Me Up, a foundation that instantly reawakens skin with a healthy, radiant glow and minimizes premature skin aging.

A light, smooth texture for natural, 100% poreless coverage instantly eliminates signs of tiredness and lifts skin from fatigue. Radiance pearls illuminate for a healthy, radiant glow. Flawless natural finish. Peptides increase elasticity so skin recovers and bounces back more quickly.

rimmel wake me up foundation ivory shade

Let’s begin with the shade range. As well as Catrice All Matt Plus Shine Control Foundation the available numbers of shades simply it’s not enough. You will find in 100 Ivory, 103 True Ivory, 200 Soft Beige, 201 Classic Beige, 203 True Beige, 300 Sand, 303 True Nude, and 400 Natural Beige. I have to say that I’m a bit disappointed with the shade that I own (Ivory), it’s a bit too dark for my skin I would’ve expected a lighter color but nothing I can’t fix maybe with a small amount of powder if the difference bothers me too much.

The Rimmel wake me up makeup foundation also has a very fresh smell to it which I really like but if you’re not a fan of fragranced foundation products, you might not be so enthusiastic!

You will surely be pleased with the creamy texture of the skin, which is applied very easily and with the fresh aroma of cucumber.

This product contains shiny particles that give that impression of radiant, refreshed skin. I know that for oily skin like mine is not the ideal solution for a foundation but after watching some reviews on Youtube I said what the heck not and just bought it.
It won’t be my choice for this summer but I’m definitely saving it for those cold days of winter when my skin will need that revitalized, fresh look.

It doesn’t do wonders for me, it doesn’t get me that 10 years younger look, doesn’t magically gives me the supermodel pull out of the box look in the morning but I think even for super oily skin like mine can look pretty decent and most important at the end of the day I didn’t have that disco ball shine which everyone fears before purchasing this foundation.

Rimmel wake me up foundation is presented in an attractive glass container that will bring an extra touch of luxury to any dressing table, and the pump is specially formulated to adjust the amount of product you need.

rimmel wake me up make up foundation

The foundation can be applied with a brush or Beauty Blender for a precious effect, or with fingers for a natural look.

It has a creamy, moisturizing texture, which feels good on the skin and it blends beautifully. I don’t apply powder at the end because doesn’t feel right, to take that dewy finish that I love so much and because I’m not fond of the extreme matte look, I prefer something more natural.

The downside of the Rimmel wake me up foundation is the insufficient coverage, it’s very light and if you have skin problems I wouldn’t recommend at all. Just like I’ve said at the beginning of the review it doesn’t offer you a variety of shades. The product contains shiny particles that may be too visible in the sunlight depending on your preferences, I don’t have a problem with that but if you think you will have don’t waste your money.

That was my Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation review. I hope you like it!
I will definitely repurchase this foundation, the price is decent, I totally love the luminous look, the way it feels on my skin and I will do another review when the cold season begins to see how well it performs.
If you have any questions or suggestion please let me know with a comment.
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Do you think this could this be useful for a teenager with uneven skin tone?


Sounds like a nice light foundation for everyday wear. Thanks for the honest review!

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