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Things you should include in a SEO strategy

Even if Google changes its indexing algorithms very often, there are some rules when it comes to implementing an SEO strategy and most likely will remain unchanged. Below I have listed some of them:

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Inbound links (backlinks) are very important and will always be. But not all links have the same authority for the search engine. For example, a link from The Huffington Post to your website will be worth more to Google than a link from a local site. While links that are older can provide authority, new links can provide relevance. It’s also important that you should do a
thorough cleaning through the old links and delete those that are not relevant or may be considered spam.


For your website to be well thought out in terms of SEO, each element on the page must be optimized. Make sure there are no links with errors and that all work. No matter what your blogging platform is you should use some essential plugins to help your website. If you’re using WordPress below there are 3 plugins that you should install:
Yoast SEO – This plugin gives you a lot of tools that you can manage your titles, descriptions and many other properties SEO.
WP Smush – this module is free and can help lower the resolution of your images which will greatly increase the loading speed of your pages and by default to your entire site.
WP Super Cache – This plugin works on the existing site content, making it easier and faster accessed by users.


You’ll have a better positioning in the search engine if your website has a good quality content. To be noticed online, it’s important that what you write on your website or blog contains quality information which is looked for by people that are interested in the niche you are writing about. This is not necessarily about the quantity but more about quality. Any original content and topic can be indexed much better than what already exists online.


If you are looking to have as many links and spam just to achieve this, I suggest you don’t bother because it won’t work. Google will notice this and you can get excluded from searches. Therefore, my advice is to create good quality content and backlinks. Even if the process of reaching first pages results is slow, it’s better to take a safe path than using some technics that will eventually harm your brand.
Try to follow these principles when you want to implement an SEO strategy and I guarantee that you’ll eventually succeed.


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