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Your Correct Skincare Routine


First of all, this process is not only to remove makeup products but also in-depth skin cleansing, removing dirt, dust and all other factors that may act negatively on the skin.

Start by cleansing, with gentle and circular moves, first the eyes and then the rest of the face. You should never forget the neck and décolletage! Cleansing should be performed daily, morning and evening.

What cleansing products should we choose?

The variety of cleansers on the market is high and it can become a very difficult choice. What must be remembered is that the cleanser is chosen:

Depending on the skin (normal, mixed, sensitive, etc.), it is advisable to carefully read the prospectus to identify your skin type for which cleansing product it’s addressed.

Preferences that we have for one type or another formulation: milk, cream, cleansing water etc.
For people with oily skin, it is recommended that you use Purifying Foaming Gel.

For the delicate skin around the eye it is recommended special products namely, water remover or cleanser especially for that.

Toner plays an important role in skin hydration, giving skin a pleasant feeling of softness. Toner complements the action cleanser, removing remnants of makeup, impurities and dead cells, purifying the skin.

People with dry skin should avoid astringent lotions that contain alcohol and dry skin. They should opt for a moisturizing lotion. For oily skin lotions indicated that control excess sebum and moisturizes at the same time. For middle-aged ladies are recommended lotions that act as a cream that helps to reduce wrinkles, helping to increase skin hydration and protecting against free radicals in the atmosphere.


There are several methods of removing dead cells: mechanical, chemical and enzymatic.

Mechanical peeling appears as granules embedded in products, which through a light massage cleans the skin of dead cells and other unwanted artifacts (fine wrinkles or marks from acne), stimulates blood circulation, speeding the reproductive process of cell function the basal layer and prevents the formation of cellulite.

Enzymatic peeling. This type of peeling makes use of natural ingredients (enzymes). It is a gentle process but the results are immediately visible. In contact with skin, it activates enzymes which “digest” dead cells from the skin surface. It is a less aggressive treatment, suitable for most skin types. His target changes in pigmentation, acne, and wrinkles.

Chemical peeling also known as derma-peels are techniques used to improve skin appearance. Treatment consists of applying a solution of dilute acid on the skin that produces controlled dissolution of its superficial, followed by exfoliation and regeneration of new skin which is smoother, with finer texture and less visible imperfections. Depending on the results pursued, peelings can be made of different depths, using solutions of different concentrations or different duration of application.

This is done only in specialized clinics and under the guidance of a dermatologist. It determines whether such treatment is appropriate for the problem that we have and the kind of peeling that is most effective for each case.


Poor hydration of the skin cause changes in its structure. The skin contains 70% water so the water is two-thirds of his body weight and is particularly important for physical and chemical processes occurring in the body, giving tonicity and skin elasticity.
A normal skin moisturized is soft, while dehydrated dry skin and cause wrinkling. Skin hydration is important both for aesthetic and healthy body.

Factors leading to skin dehydration:
• Interns: an unbalanced diet, excessive consumption of drugs and disorders of the adrenal or thyroid;
• pollution or excessive heat, sun, cold and wind.

Choosing products necessary for hydration is based on skin type, its characteristics and preferably implemented.

Deep care
Refers to treat specific problems such as blemishes, rosacea, acne, wrinkles. If hydration it is no longer sufficient must appeal to specialized products to prevent and treat the side effects of the problems mentioned above.

In conclusion, a general treatment doesn’t apply for all the skin types; therefore it is very important to identify your skin type and its specific needs before you search, buy cosmetics that you need.

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